Chrome for iOS continues to be a growing hole in Apple’s walled software garden. The latest version allows users to easily open links in several Google apps to bypass Apple’s software.

chrome on ios

Google improved its Chrome browser for iOS devices on Wednesday with new features and stability improvements. After updating the app to version 28 on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, it’s easier to use Google’s other apps and services on Apple devices thanks to better app interoperability. Apple’s iPad also gains a full-screen browsing experience.

Open in mapsMany of the changes are meant for iOS users to stay within Google’s app and services ecosystem. For example, clicking an address link in a Chrome web search can open the Google Maps application instead of Apple’s own Maps software.

The iOS apps for YouTube, Google+ and Google Drive can also be opened through Chrome browser links with this version, and Google says more Google app support through Chrome is in the works. By first signing into Chrome, users will be able to sign into these other Google apps with a single click.

The update also brings support for Google’s data compression service although it won’t be live right away: Google is enabling the service through a rolled out approach.

With it, Google will serve up web pages in Chrome by compressing data on its own servers first and then sending the reduced amount of data to Chrome for iOS. This allows iOS device owners to surf more on a limited data plan. Google says it added stability enhancement and fixes, as well as voice search enhancements, but there are no details on what those enhancements are.

Chrome continues to be a bit of a growing crack in Apple’s walled garden: By improving the browser and adding hooks for other Google services that Apple can’t prevent, it allows Apple users to enjoy Apple’s hardware while also using Google’s web services.

  1. Full screen browsing is horrible for switching tabs or clicking “back”… Any way to disable it?

    1. Hi Bill, I assure you, you’re not the only hater. If you’re with us, please express your anger in the following thread and spread the word about the theard to everyone you can please:

    2. +1 The full screen on tablet is the most horrific thing that has ever happened to any piece of software on any OS that I’ve ever used regularly. GOOOOGLE, pleaaaase, keep it on by default, if that’s what you want, but for the love of all that’s holy, give us a checkbox, one little checkboxie in the settings, that will let us disable it.

  2. Just pull down (move up) on the page and the browser bar and tabs return.

  3. Full screen browsing on the ipad seemed to appear for a month and then mysteriously vanished. It was a brilliant implementation, viewing websites was so much better, in google calendar you actually gained one event in the month view. This is another retrograde step after removing contacts from the map app which is now useless.

  4. Fullscreen without an option to disable is not a “gain”, it’s a usability BUG.


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