Google reportedly wants to launch its own streaming TV product to compete head-on with the offerings provided by traditional cable companies.

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Google is talking to media companies about licensing live TV programming and streaming it on the internet, the WSJ reported Tuesday afternoon, citing unidentified sources.

The article doesn’t say how far the discussions have gotten or which networks Google is talking with, but “in at least one case, Google has provided a demonstration of the product.”

Google already has Google TV, a product that provides access to apps like Pandora and Redbox Instant and is powering certain smart TVs as well as a separate set-top boxes. But Google TV is largely meant to be complementary to an existing pay TV subscription, whereas this new offering would compete directly with subscriptions offered by cable and satellite TV companies.

Other companies also want to compete with cable providers and transmit TV over the internet. Intel plans to launch its own service, OnCue, this year. Sony, Apple and Fanhattan are also working on such services, but have had difficulty getting them off the ground. Apple, for instance, has pursued a piecemeal strategy to get networks to stream their content through apps on Apple TV, but is also reportedly working on a live TV product that would allow ad-skipping.

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  1. I have a good answer for that. If the media doesn’t provide good price for Google..then Google open up for independent TV stations, and/or anyone to broadcast their show for free and/or Google can also start like Netflix producing its own TV shows, films etc for people to watch for free. You will see the TV stations will loose their audience… and will try to make any good deal with Google.

  2. Once again, followers to Apple

  3. Internet TV is the future. But, Google.com/tv/ should be Google.TV. This is the way to start the trend..

  4. Actually this is the future and no they’ve not following apple once again apple is following Google, Google tv is actually a superior product to apple tv in just about every way

    1. So why is ATV is selling more boxes than anybody else.

  5. Sookbox seems to have the right answer. Heard they are launching soon.

  6. So Google is competing with itself (Google Fiber)…which says what about the prior claims that Google Fiber would “put the cable companies out of business in a nanosecond” ????

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