Can an Android phone simply be listening for voice commands all the time, just like Google Glass? Yes, based on a Moto X video showing such a feature. Keeping it exclusive to Moto is a smart move, but hopefully, it comes to other Android devices too.

Moto X Google Now

Voice interaction is expected to be a top feature of the upcoming Moto X handset, based on a leaked video promo made by Rogers Wireless in Canada. Much like Google Glass, Moto X will always be listening for voice commands that integrate with Google Now and other phone features. With mid-range specifications and a relatively lower cost than other flagship devices, Moto X could bring more useful voice commands to the masses with this smartphone.

Here’s the leaked video, spotted by Android Central on Sunday, showing off the touch-free voice interaction with Google Now:

Adding to the hands-free experience is a tweak to the device’s notifications feature. Instead of showing a little notification light alert, the home screen pulses on and off to show important messages.

Having the microphone always on could be a drain on the battery, but it also explains why the phone is likely to use a 720p display with a last-generation processor. If Moto X had all of the same hardware features of today’s high-end phones, the handset’s battery simply couldn’t hand the additional power drain of an always on microphone.

I’m curious though: Is this feature a Moto exclusive or will it be part of Android, so that other handset makers can take advantage of it. Keeping it in-house would help the Moto X stand out from the crowd, but I’d like to see this option come to other Android phones in the future. Or even on older phones with a software update.

  1. so, in public anyone can tell my handset to dial?

    1. It recognizes your voice and only listens to you.. really. :D

    2. That’s a valid concern, but there’s mention of the phone “learning your voice”. I take that as: it will be able to tell when you’re speaking vs. when someone else is.


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