Why choose between HTC Sense software and pure Android when you can have both? A savvy developer has a dual-boot solution for the HTC One and is working on getting individual Sense apps on an otherwise stock Android ROM as well.

HTC One Nexus Experience

Now that Google sells an HTC One phone running pure Android, a question of which HTC One to get comes into play. Do you go for the carrier version that includes HTC Sense software or go for an unlocked version of the handset with the Google Experience? Maybe you don’t have to choose: A new app called Switch lets you dual boot an HTC One and get the best of both worlds.

Paul O’Brien, a long-time developer of custom Android software, is working on Switch, and on Friday he offered up a video demonstration to show it off. In the demo, O’Brien uses a standard retail HTC One handset and switches back and forth between the Sense interface and stock Android:

Booting from one environment to another may not be the most effective solution, but clearly, it does work. And best of all: Because the software shares the local Android data stores, your apps and account settings all work seamlessly between the two environments.

O’Brien is also working on a way to get some of the better HTC Sense bits directly in the Google Experience software and that may be the ideal solution. It should be possible because, for now, the HTC One Google Edition actually uses HTC’s Android kernel, not the native one used for Google’s Nexus devices. I actually miss some of the Sense software on the HTC One Google Experience phone I may be buying — namely the Camera features — so Switch is actually pushing me closer to a purchase.

  1. I wish there was this solution for the S4. I find the Samsung software particularly underwhelming on an otherwise great phone.

    1. Hang in there, Kary. Paul has developed dozens of custom ROMs for Samsung devices in the past, so it’s possible he finishes his work on the HTC One and uses what he learned for a similar solution on the S4. Cross your fingers! :)

  2. We need a dual-boot Windows Phone/Android setup…

  3. Hi, is this a app? What the name of the app?


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