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On this week’s show we reveal who should “jump” for T-Mobile’s upgrade path, remind people what not to put in emails and delve into 3D printing.


Evidently, the tech world missed the memo saying July is supposed to be a slow news month. On today’s show we talk about whether people will jump around for T-Mobile’s new upgrade plan, Apple being found guilty of e-book price fixing and how your next printer may use chocolate and cheese.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Kevin Fitchard, Jeff Roberts and Signe Brewster

Should you jump for T-Mobile’s new upgrades?

Apple’s e-book verdict and the thrilling world of antitrust law.

The reality of 3D printing.

  1. Chris,
    Sorry to be off topic but do you recall a animated short from your Atom Films days called “The Disco Years”? Think I recall a desk interview setting with “Jesus was a pickerel” as one of the opening lines. Any ideas where this is archived? Have been searching for it off and on for years.
    Thanks. david d


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