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The New York Times launched a Kindle Fire app, with access to all content free through July 31.

new york times kindle fire

The New York Times has launched an app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. Access to all of the NYT’s content is free on the app through July 31, and after that readers will need to pay up for a digital subscription — which is $20 a month for tablets and NYTimes.com and $35 a month for smartphones, tablets and NYTimes.com.

new york times kindle fire

The New York Times also has iOS and Android apps.

The Wall Street Journal, among other newspapers, already have Kindle Fire apps.

  1. I do not read the New York Times daily. I want to read only the Sunday edition.
    Am I able to continue reading the Sunday N. Y. T. with the new App., or must I
    discontinue reading the N. Y. Times?


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