Netflix has expanded its licensing agreement with PBS and got exclusive streaming rights to The Bletchley Circle and Super Why!. Last week, Amazon also made a deal with PBS to add more shows to Prime Instant Video.

super why

Netflix is adding more PBS shows in an expanded licensing agreement, the company announced Wednesday. That includes streaming exclusives for murder mystery drama The Bletchley Circle starting this fall, and for kids’ show Super Why! starting next year. Netflix will also continue to stream seasons of PBS shows it already had the rights to, like Caillou and Nova.

As is becoming a pattern in the streaming wars, Amazon announced last week that it had expanded its own licensing agreement with PBS for Prime Instant Video, and that PBS kids’ shows will be available through Amazon’s kids’ subscription product Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. In that announcement, Amazon also included a reminder that it now has the exclusive streaming rights to PBS hit Downton Abbey — and that show is no longer available on Netflix. 

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  1. PBS Primetime Wednesday, July 3, 2013

    Episode previews of Bletchley Circle are available on PBS online at http://m.video.pbs.org/program/bletchley-circle/#previews.

  2. Super Why is available right now on Netflix. Problem is tat it’s in SD and not HD like it is from my local PBS station.

  3. PBS Primetime Wednesday, July 3, 2013

    Netflix will also have new documentaries from Ken Burns, including “Central Park Five.”

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