What’s in store for Chromebooks? More in-stores for Chromebooks, that’s what. We talk about that, an unfortunate Chrome exploit and VP9.

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Not even a much-needed vacation can stop the GigaOM Chrome Show from reaching you each week. On today’s show, we take a break from the Blackjack table in Vegas to talk about Google’s upcoming Chromebook push into retail stores, give you a few updates on some Chromebook hardware, discuss a Flash exploit that takes over your computer’s camera, and how VP9 could potentially make mobile video much better.

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Hosts: Kevin Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Google making a big retail Chromebook push

Acer drops the hard drive from its $199 C7 Chromebook

HP’s $329 Pavilion Chromebook is generally panned by Engadget’s review

Smile: You may be on camera

Are you ready for VP9? Chromium is!

Chrome team is working on a Packaged App for Remote Desktop access

Extension of the week: Hover Zoom

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