Anytime Apple announces a new piece of hardware or changes its software, we get a lot of people weighing in on those developments. The news of iOS 7 wasn’t any different. There are hundreds of posts out there, but here are seven I like.

WWDC banners Apple
photo: Erica Ogg

It has been one of those weeks where I have not had time to sit down and think about the various news announcements from Apple’a  annual World Wide Developer Conference. However, I have come across some really great articles that are worth reading and sharing. Here are some of my picks.

  1. Thanks Om. Why always 7 stories? :-) 7 you like, 7 for the weekend recos. Or because its iOS7?

  2. Karthik Raja Friday, June 14, 2013

    A detailed review of Apple iOS 7. The brand-new design and enhanced functionality http://www.jovora.com/2013/06/a-detailed-review-of-apple-ios-7-the-brand-new-design-and-enhanced-functionality/


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