Look! Up on the WWDC stage! It’s an Apple keynote — and we round up everything Cook and Co. had to say on this special edition podcast.


Apple held its first big event in FOREVER, so we had to pull together a special edition of The GigaOM Show to talk about it. Erica Ogg sat through the keynote and pops into the studio to talk about all (and there was a lot) of new stuff coming from Cupertino.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Special Guest: Erica Ogg

WWDC 2013: Apple overhauls iOS design, shows off MacBook Airs and Mac Pro (roundup)

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  1. Enough with like the overuse of like the word “like”. This podcast is unlistenable and sounds like 3 teenagers talking

    1. Like, OMG, thanks for the awesome comment!

    2. We’ll get off your lawn in a second, don’t worry.

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