Amazon launched the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD in China on Friday and its digital bookstore has quickly jumped from 25,000 to 47,000 titles in the past six months.

Kindle China

Amazon started selling Kindle e-readers and tablets in China on Friday. The front-lit Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is ¥849 (USD $138), and the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is ¥1499 (USD $244) for the 16 GB version and ¥1799 (USD $293) for the 32 GB version.

Amazon launched a Chinese Kindle store, with iOS and Android apps for reading ebooks, in December. The store contained around 25,000 ebooks at launch and is now up to about 47,000 titles. When I surfed around a Google Translated version of the store today, I noticed that the device page translates as “Optional Kindle device,” perhaps to remind users that they don’t actually have to buy a Kindle in order to read ebooks. Most of the books in the Chinese Kindle store are priced very, very low, with the top 15 bestselling books in the store all priced under 3 yuan (USD $0.49) and many at 1 yuan (USD $0.16).

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 9.08.29 AM

Amazon also launched an Android app store in China last month.

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  1. Jenny Jones Monday, June 10, 2013

    I have a Kindle Fire HD and I love it! It’s easy to understand and the interface is perfect. Here’s the one I have on Amazon http://amzn.to/11SRHbE. If you’re looking for a tablet you should check it out, I think it’s very underrated.

  2. That’s a good sign for their business. It’ll be more interesting to know more about the progess in the near future if it is still going to be so hot for consumers after 1 year.

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