Netflix declined to renew its licensing deal with Viacom last week, leading to the loss of popular streaming kids’ shows like Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants. Toddlers nationwide had a terrible weekend.

Dora The Explorer

Last week, Netflix ended its licensing deal with Viacom, thereby losing popular Nick Jr. kids’ shows like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and Blue’s Clues. This pretty much wrecked the weekend for a bunch of parents and their streaming-loving kids, judging by the comments on our site.

Among the comments on our original post (39 and counting):

Netflix Dora

At least two separate birthday parties were ruined:

Netflix Dora 2

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 2.04.13 PM

The laments have continued on Reddit, where some tech-savvy parents are looking to pirate the shows:

reddit dora

As my colleague Janko Roettgers pointed out last week, it’s still possible that Netflix could license individual shows from Viacom. And Netflix noted that it’s recently added new shows from Disney and the Cartoon Network. In the meantime, Netflix’s loss could once again be Amazon’s gain, as numerous commenters pointed out that Amazon Prime has the missing Viacom shows. In fact, DoraSpongeBob, Yo Gabba Gabba and Blue’s Clues are among the top-10 most-popular shows streaming on Prime today.

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  1. David Thomas Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Note to Netflix: you’d better have a plan to sell in the next 14 years ’cause generation kyb* isn’t gonna forget this one.

    *kick your butt

  2. sue at nobaddays Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Go Diego Go (which I assume is canceled if Dora is) and Blue’s Clues (via Netflix) were a staple in our house when my older son was younger. Our younger son is now two and just getting into Diego and Blue … we only keep our Netflix subscription for their online kids content. Will probably cancel our subscription if this content has truly gone away.

  3. I guess Viacom wanted to charge too much for Netflix to consider the content valuable. Seems like this article wants to drum up sympathy for Viacom

  4. techstalktoday Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    How is Netflix to blame exactly?? What if Viacom wanted some insane amount of money?

    1. I tried to tell my 2 year old that, but he didn’t seem to care. Not sure why. Your an idiot, obviously your not a parent.

  5. How is Netflix 100% to blame exactly?? What if Viacom wanted some insane amount of money?

  6. After reading this article, it took hubby & myself about 2 minutes to decide to sign up for Amazon Prime. The main reason we signed up for Netflix in the first place was for Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer.

    1. think I am gonna do the same thing. Netflix might as well put a big Amazon Prime advertisement on its page since they are the reason Amazon will be getting a huge increase in subscribers very quickly!!!!

  7. You can take this opportunity to teach your children about the value of a dollar. When you pay for access to programming, you do not own anything. Maybe you can best illustrate this while potty training. Place $8 in the toilet and flush.

    When you buy DVDs, or record shows from TV, you have possession of something. DVDs or digital files off-loaded to a portable device are also handy for in the car, a plane, or at grandma’s house.

  8. I’m suddenly soooo glad I decided to just buy an extra TB of storage for my Tivo and record almost every Blues Clues, Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid, and Ni Hao Kailan in existence. My 5 year old has become a TiVo expert, including knowing how to move shows from one Tivo to another, prevent them from being deleted, etc.

    On premise media still has a huge place in the world until BS like this can’t happen.

  9. Same here. I record a lot of kids content on my pc using aMedia Portal. Curious George, Cat in the Hat, etc.. A lot of stuff not available anywhere else from purchased + Netflix Dvds also.

  10. I won’t be canceling Netflix simply because they don’t have Dora , I love Doctor who and so do my kids , also tons of other movies , I am a fan of their french selection and indie films and now I just have to download a few episodes of Dora on my ps3 to keep my son happy its not that big of a deal .. When you have that much access to so much stuff for 8$ a month I think people are being a bit dramatic and greedy lol

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