Costa Rica’s killer bull, fear in Cyprus, crimes of Ranbaxy and BitCoin bubble — that along with basketball uber coach Phil Jackson are part of this week’s reading material. Of course, question to ponder: briefs or boxers, how did they get into men’s pants.

Weekend Plans

What a week! Google I/O 2013 kept us busy and then last night it was Yahoo and Tumblr trying to get it on. I am just surprised I even had time to breathe, forget reading. But somehow I managed and here are seven gems I can recommend for your reading pleasure.

  1. =) busy mom will choose 3: cyprus (the best is always a good choice), the bitcoin, the bull. commando is the only way to go, pharmas not news, phil (broken record), and http://youtu.be/-DxyvSFTS5w

  2. Leinar Ramos Sunday, May 19, 2013

    Hi @Om, I’m a long-time reader from Costa Rica. I really enjoyed the well-written story about the “Malacrianza”. This bull is indeed a legend in my country and bull-riding is a long-standing tradition. The story reflects the contrast between the old and the new Costa Rica, with a few “sabaneros” in the ring and hundreds of iPhones around them. Although I appreciate this part of our culture, this is only a glimpse of what my country is all about. Costa Rica is a peaceful and beautiful place: we don’t have an army since 1948 and 25% of our territory is protected by forest reserves. I personally invite you and fellow readers to come and experience it. “Malacrianza” is not the Badass, Costa Rica is.

  3. Yuval Shemesh Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Hi Om,

    I become a reader of your posts just few weeks ago.
    I have to admit that its pleasure to follow and read your selection content.
    Kudos !


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