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Many companies have realized mobile applications can help employees track operations on the go. No wonder DNS provider Dyn has acquired Trendslide, a company with dashboard technology, to enable monitoring for devops.

Dyn Chief Technology Officer Cory von Wallenstein
photo: Dyn

Plenty of companies have woken up to the reality that IT administrators, executives, salespeople and others want to use their mobile devices to get a sense of their operations. Now Dyn, which provides DNS and email-delivery services for enterprises, has bought Trendslide, which has built out simple mobile dashboards for keeping track of sales data and other inputs.

But Dyn doesn’t want to offer that to its customers; it will transform the app into a tool for devops. In other words, instead of integrating with Salesforce.com, Marketo, Google Analytics and other data sources, users will be able to bring together application-performance management data from providers such as New Relic and Compuware’s Gomez alongside analytics on domain-name server queries and big email campaigns. That sort of mobile app could make it easy for devops guys to see from home if applications are operating without issue, email campaigns are working as they should and DNS queries are going through data centers as they should and within the bounds of what customers have signed up for. If there are issues, devops should be alerted that they need to act.

The acquisition, whose terms were not disclosed, ties in nicely with website-performance analytics technology from Verelo, which Dyn also has acquired.

Cory von Wallenstein, Dyn’s chief technology officer (pictured), was the original investor in Trendslide. He will speak about upgrading infrastructure while maintaining uptime at GigaOM’s Structure conference in San Francisco on June 20.

  1. Dyn is slowly adding more services to their portfolio, having started with DNS. They’re very firmly in the enterprise category given their pricing (pretty expensive) so I expect these new products are all based around what existing customers are asking for, especially to add value to their core products. If you run your DNS through Dyn you’re a great prospect for upselling email delivery and monitoring.


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