Two years after ABC canceled them, soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children are coming back to life online, with four new 30-minute episodes per week available on Hulu and iTunes. But soap fans who are not used to online viewing may not tune in.

All My Children One Life To Live

Soap opera fans can rejoice as new episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children start airing online Monday. Two years after ABC canceled them, the soaps are coming back to life — but only in digital format, via Hulu and iTunes.

Production company Prospect Park, which licensed the shows from ABC, will run new, 30-minute episodes of each show Monday through Thursday. (Previously, each episode was an hour long and a new one ran each weekday.) On Fridays, there will be a recap of the week. Episodes are available for free streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus, or can be downloaded from iTunes for $0.99 apiece or $9.99 per month (20 episodes). The free version of Hulu will only make the most recent episodes available, while Hulu Plus will have all of them.

The New York Times calculated that, because production costs are lower (due in part to having shorter and fewer episodes) and because ads on Hulu can be targeted, Prospect Park needs 500,000 streaming viewers to break even on the soaps. By contrast, the shows attracted three million viewers on TV. In addition, Variety noted that Prospect Park has the rights to sell the the shows to U.S. cable and broadcast networks starting in September (where, in an interesting twist, they’d be available a week after they air online) and is also distributing them to international television networks.

Even so, some longtime fans of the shows who are not accustomed to online viewing may be confused about how to find new episodes online. (That theory is borne out by many of the user comments on this paidContent post from January.) “We would hope that all [fans of the shows] would call their friends to make sure they watch them,” Prospect Park cofounder Rich Frank told Soap Opera Digest recently. “The way to ensure that this is going to work, because we’re really totally advertiser-supported, [is] that we’ve got to get the eyeballs to be watching this. They’ve done it before; it’s just a matter of rallying the troops and getting them to watch.”

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  1. gwenda Deckman Monday, April 29, 2013

    does the show air on ABC?

    1. it aris on Hulu.com and HuluPlus

    2. Can I watch the new episodes of all my childern and one life to live on abc.com or soapnet.com?

    3. No, it’s on the NET and, as I understand it, we must pay for the link to get to it. Hula something???

    4. No, online. Hulu.com or iTunes

    5. the shows will be only airing online through Itunes, Hulu and Hulu Plus. You can watch through through a computer, Ipod/Iphones, tablets and certain dvd player, gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 or Play station.. Hope this helps.

    6. Why would you ask that when the entire article just explained that it was going to be ONLINE on HULU?

  2. why do we have to pay to see these 2 soaps?i watched both of them from the begining till they canceled for free,can’t afford this for 2 30 minute shows!!!

    1. hulu.com is free. just sign up with your email address.

      1. Sure the US can watch hulu.com but not the Canadians why is it restricted to Canadians…and yet Prospect Park wants 500,000 eyes to watch these shows. What was the deal with cutting FX Canada off PP??? So where do Canadians go to watch??? Why has production cut to 2 days a week rather than the 5 days a week shows??? Not enough viewers PP??? Will the shows last????

        1. bootswife2000@hotmail.com Barb Saturday, May 25, 2013

          How do I unsubscribe from this please? I made a mistake. Sarah

    2. They are not being produced by ABC…so just because you watched them before on network tv doesn’t imply that they are ‘free’ now. But in fact, the article indicates that you can watch them free on Hulu.

  3. As much as I was a fan of AMC…I will not pay for viewing on the NET. That’s a bit much. Sorry…but it’s not that important to pay money for it.

    1. OK You do NOT have to pay for either one of them. Doesn’t anyone know how to read anymore. hulu.com is FREE go to your computer or whatever deivce you use to get online
      type in http://www.hulu.com you can search from there – type in All My Childre or One Life to Live
      you will get the current shows. Monday thru Thursday. The shows are now 30 minutes long. Friday will be a recap.
      If you want a subscription THEN you pay and you can view all episodes not just the “current” ones. I do now know what they are considering current ie how long the episodes will stay out there for free viewing before they go to hulu plus.
      Hope this clears up all these posts about paying to watch.

      1. Thanks Laura..it is totally OBVIOUS if people could read and process basic information in the article that they are not being charged to watch them! What the heck is wrong these posters? I guess going 2 years without All My Children fries people’s brains.

    2. It is free!!! just go to http://www.hulu.com
      Make sure it is hulu not hulu plus

    3. Really? Are you joking? You do NOT have to pay for it! It is FREE, GRATIS, COMPLIMENTARY, A HAND OUT, FREEBIE…all you have to do is watch it on Hulu! Hulu shows a few commercials just like the show had when it was “free” on television.

  4. I just watched and I am still glad it is back but it had a different feel. Was not a big fan of the club scene is the soap going to try to get a younger crowd .I like that Victor is back . The show is missing something . I will keep watching.

  5. My mother is a great fan with All my Chrildren and One Life 2 Live but she don’t own a computer and how can she watch the show or will there be any chance of them coming to the Soap Network or ABC.

  6. Jolene Torres Monday, April 29, 2013

    For both AMC and OLTL I am so glad that they are both back but 30 minutes is way too fast. I miss the old cast new cast got to get use too. John mc Bain, Starr,Kendall, Erica, please bring back. And longer to an hour.

  7. It defiantly had a different feel to it. I am a huge fan and was supper excited to find out that it was coming back. The new episode has lots of new faces that will take some getting used too but I think I can manage :). Overall it was good and it felt good to see them back. I will continue watching..

  8. I just watched All My Children. I am so excited! I love it. How often will new episodes come out? Weekley? On what days?

  9. Nancy Langlois Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    I absolutely love the new ALL MY CHILDREN. I think everyone is back to their perfectly executed lines. I do miss Jackson,Kendall, Greenlee, Ryan and Tad. I really don’t miss Erica;she had star billing long enough. I looove Zack and the doctor who “loved” Kendall.All I can say is to keep up the great work. Nancy Langlois

  10. I’m in the coveted 18–49 age range and most of my peers, if not everyone I know, watches their TV through Hulu & Netflix or even Amazon Prime. Online viewing has come a long way in the last few years. I remember having to watch choppy low quality uploads of Days of Our Lives on youtube to keep up. Just awful.

    Cable and satellite are extremely overpriced. Who can afford $80 a month for TV that doesn’t give us content on demand? All these people in the comments bitching about how they can’t afford $7.99 a month makes me SMH. $7.99 a month for Hulu Plus is cheaper than a movie ticket. You can subscribe to both Hulu Plus and Netflix and still be paying less than what a full tank of gas costs. I wonder how many of these sad people subscribe to cable TV or satellite services? The users who haven’t switched to the new technological age are probably so old they will be dead and irrelevant in the next decade anyways.

    1. To this last comment that wasn’t nice to say you need to be vey careful in what you say, I say that because it could be someone in your family that is having a hard time in dealing with this new TECHNOLOGY that’s out here in this WORLD today. Never put the next person down because you never know what they may be going through.

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