Google has a lineup of Chromebook laptops but no sleeves or cases for them, including the new Chromebook Pixel. It turns out the Apple Store is a great place for Pixels since the laptop is similar in size to the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Incase sleeve with Pixel

One of the more common complaints I hear from Chromebook owners is that Google doesn’t offer any accessories such as cases or sleeves. Honestly, when I spent $449 last year on the Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook, which is solid but mostly plastic, I didn’t give that much thought to protecting the device. I feel a bit differently with the Chromebook Pixel with LTE, however, since it cost me $1,449. So what’s a Chromebook Pixel owner to do?

Incase sleeve with faux furTurns out that the Apple Store is a great source for cases and sleeves to fit a Pixel. That’s ironic as my purchase decision came down to a Mac Book Pro with Retina Display or a Chromebook Pixel. I bought Google’s laptop, but I shopped in Apple’s store for a sleeve. Check before you buy, but most sleeves and cases made for the 13-inch MacBook Pro should work nicely with the Pixel, even though the latter machine has a 3:2 aspect ratio screen.

This works out well because the two devices are similar enough in size. Apple’s device is 12.35 inches x 8.62 inches x 0.75 inches, for example, while Google’s Chromebook Pixel measures in at 11.72 inches x 8.84 inches x 0.64 inches. I suppose you could order a custom case for the Pixel, but that’s likely going to be costly.

Incase sleeve with Pixel charging portI ended up settling on the neoprense and faux fur Incase Sleeve for $39.99. My Chromebook Pixel fits it well and I like how the sleeve has three zippers: Two work together to close the sleeve up while a third opens up one corner of the sleeve to expose the laptop’s power port. This way, I can slip the Pixel in the case for protection and charge the device’s battery at the same time. I opted for a sleeve because I recently bought a new messenger bag that doesn’t have padding.

Got any more Chromebook case suggestions? Drop a comment, and we might just share them on our weekly GigaOM Chrome Show podcast.

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  1. Wow , first choice was the wrong choice. You’ll see….
    You just wasted 1500 dollars but the good news is the sleeve will work on the new macbook air retina display coming soon to a theater near you…..

  2. OP/TECH USA makes a great Computer Sleeve that you can customize.


  3. I don’t know if I would recommend charging a device like a laptop/slate inside a sleeve. Batteries put out heat during the charge cycle, and inside a sleeve that heat gets trapped. This is especially true of the Surface Pro which uses it’s magnesium casing as part of the heat sink, and does get warm when charging. Unless you’re on the move, it’s generally best to take your device out of it’s case if you’re plugging it in.

  4. Why not just try the google store? They have several chromebook sleeves and cases, although kind of pricey.


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