Boston startup says new features will help sales people sync appointments across Google Calendar and Salesforce.com.


Yesware’s goal in life is to help sales people close deals by tracking and gauging the efficiency of their email communications with customers. Was the message opened? When and how many times? Yesware sheds light on what too often becomes a black hole.

yesware reminder
Now, it’s adding two new features to aid in that battle. Yesware Reminders lets the user set up a time in the future to check in with the recipient and that reminder will bubble up pertinent information about that prospect — how many emails were sent, when and where they’ve been opened, if they’ve been opened. That feature competes with options from Baydin and Followup.cc.

And Calendar Sync, as the name implies, lets users sync up appointments that are often scrambled between Google Calendar and Salesforce.com — a key concern given how many sales people use those applications. That feature competes with Appirio’s Cloud Sync.

Synching up email and appointments and tracking efficiency of outbound mail is a big business these days. GigaOM’s Jorden Novet recently wrote about Appmesh, a startup founded by Salesforce.com vets that’s also dedicated to helping sales people keep ahead of the email crush.

Boston-based Yesware, which is backed by Google Ventures and Foundry Group, claims customers including Gooddata, Hubspot, Groupon and Adroll.

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  1. Matthew Bellows Thursday, April 25, 2013

    Thanks for the great writeup Barb! We’re also announcing today that we’re serving over 200,000 salespeople, up from 100,000 in November. Very exciting days at Yesware… many many thanks to our customers, friends, advisors and investors all over the world. More to come!

  2. Cirrus Insight is also a very popular Gmail/Salesforce app.

  3. Great tool indeed.

    Another interesting auto-sync app is Datafield, allowing to create an email sign up form on mobile/tablet and instantly sync with a Constant Contact / Mailchimp mailing list.

    Great for offline businesses : retail, event, trade show, restaurants…

  4. Chris van Loben Sels Thursday, April 25, 2013

    Congrats Yesware on the 200,000 user mark! You’re are real heroes of ours. We see them as a prime example of how the next generation of enterprise apps — focused on empowering employees to be more effective (even more than helping managers manage, see link below).

    Cheers —


  5. This sounds like an amazing tool. Currently I am using TickleTrain.com to set follow-ups on emails I want to be sure I get a response from. TickleTrain allows you to create any number of unique pre-determined follow-up emails with complete control. So if you don’t get a reply, every lead, invoice, customer, etc. will get a personalized follow-up email as if they were sent by you. I wonder if Yesware application can work with TickleTrain?

  6. Congrats to Yesware! We use them in combination with Postwire to pass along content and then track clicks/access.

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