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BoxCryptor 2, available now in technical preview form, makes it far easier to securely share access permissions for files stored in services such as DropBox and SkyDrive. It also offers master keys for bosses.


BoxCryptor, the German startup that provides added security for information held in cloud storage vaults such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive, is previewing a new version of its client-side encryption tool.

The new version of BoxCryptor is more explicitly aimed at teams. It includes new features such as the ability to share file access permissions without sharing private passwords, and to share files with entire teams with a single click. BoxCryptor 2 also does away with the original version’s mapping of files to folders, a system that meant every folder and project required the setting-up of a new BoxCryptor drive – now, there’s just one drive.

Another compliance-friendly new feature for businesses is the option to have a master key covering everything encrypted by employees, just in case someone leaves suddenly or goes rogue.

The update comes as BoxCryptor finds itself up against an increasing range of rivals such as Viivo and DigitalQuick. CipherCloud closed a $30 million investment round last December, and Symantec is also now in the Dropbox encryption game. In short, everyone’s clicked that consumer cloud services will be used in business, like it or not, and their consumer-grade security leaves a market opportunity for more serious users.

According to BoxCryptor CEO Andrea Wittek, the full version of BoxCryptor 2 will come out sometime this quarter. The technical preview, launched on Tuesday, can be downloaded for Windows and Android.

  1. John Eisenman Friday, April 19, 2013

    Add AlephCloud to the list of startups in this space.


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