YouTube may not really be shutting down, but that didn’t stop its cofounder Chad Hurley from announcing a new site.


YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley piggybacked on YouTube’s April Fool’s Day Monday by using it to tease a new site called MixBit as a possible replacement. Of course, one has to take this announcement with a grain of salt, given the date, but it looks as if this is going to be the collaborative video site Hurley briefly mentioned at SXSW.

MixBit currently only hosts a placeholder site, which reads:

“YouTube is shutting down. Instead of sitting around, we thought you’d want a new site to not only watch cat videos, but create them… together!”

The site further promises that the “future of video is launching soon.” The Verge, which spotted Hurley’s tweet about MixBit first, also found a (now-disabled) test pages including one featuring a “looping mp4 video featuring YouTube co-founders Hurley and Steve Chen.”

MixBit is being developed by Avos, the startup co-founded by Hurley and Chen that also bought Delicious.com in 2011. Recently, GigaOM spotted a still-unannounced Delicious offspring called D.me built by Avos.

  1. Nice will be looking forward to see what great video site they going to bring fort

  2. This will be very interesting to see. “MixBit” sounds like it will be like a new form of remixing or mashing up video content with others. Looking forward to the launch sometime this year!

    1. never thought of it that way wow that would be awesome

  3. It’s such a great video site. Thanks for share.


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