One startup pitching in the enterprise-focused Alchemist Accelerator’s second class envisions widespread adoption of an alternative to logging applications: recording and replaying them.

Chronon recording Java application performance
photo: Chronon screen shot

Look out, Splunk. Chronon, a startup that just picked up $30,000 in seed funding through the second class of the Alchemist Accelerator, wants to take a different approach to keeping and reviewing log files — it wants to ditch them in favor of something that takes much less time to deploy, allowing for quicker data review.

Like a Tivo or other digital video recorder, Chronon records live data on the use of Java programs and lets developers and business people check out the resulting databases and performance charts later.

Companies can use Chronon on top of log-monitoring software such as Splunk, Sumo Logic and Loggly, but founder and CEO Prashant Deva expects customers of both products to look at logs less and less. Gradually, Deva believes his sort of push-to-use code for recording and replaying will replace logging altogether.

Chronon, based in San Mateo, Calif., has already signed up Disney, HSBC, Nokia, Sony, Pearson and other companies as customers. It wants to take on more funding and further build out its product. But Splunk has gone public and gotten lots of attention. Persuading many enterprises to try another, different model won’t be easy.

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