1. As an employee, I hate BYOD. Why does my employer expect me to bring my own phone for the company use in the first place? I understand that because of BYOD I would not have to carry two phones. But then, I totally don’t trust the “device management” software that the company’s IT department would be installing on my phone while having to accept their one sided terms and conditions. These device management software have very powerful and very intrusive capabilities.

    They will be able to read my personal emails, messages and access my call logs. They may even be able to record my calls for all I know. The company’s servers will also record my whereabouts all the time. Who knows, tomorrow my company could fire me because their systems figure I was accessing pornographic content on my phone, which happens to be against their policies! Or because I posted my resume on a job search portal…

    Sorry, but I will rather carry two phones!


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