Yahoo has acquired news-reading iOS app Summly, which was created by London teenager Nick D’Aloisio. Summly will no longer exist as a standalone app and will be removed from the iTunes Store today.

Summly screenshot

Yahoo is the new owner of news-reading iPhone app Summly, the companies announced Monday. Founder Nick D’Aloisio and his team will join Yahoo, and the company will close the app.

In its official announcement of the acquisition, Yahoo says that “Nick and the Summly team are joining Yahoo! in the coming weeks. While the Summly app will close, you will see the technology come to life throughout Yahoo!’s mobile experiences soon.”

Summly, which was founded by D’Aloisio at the age of 15 (he’s now 17), was an iOS app that offered up short summaries of news stories for reading on the go. Reviewing the app last year, Om Malik wrote that it was “simple, initiative, fast, clean and extremely well designed” — though he wasn’t sure it provided enough “constant craving and gratification” to entice him to return to it several times a day.

In an announcement posted at Summly, D’Aloisio writes, “We will be removing Summly from the App Store today but expect our summarization technology will soon return to multiple Yahoo! products — see this as a ‘power nap’ so to speak. With over 90 million summaries read in just a few short months, this is just the beginning for our technology.”

  1. Billie Joyner Monday, March 25, 2013

    I’ve found this interview with him on a forum
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  2. Interesting move. Summly works by ripping the lede and headline from news articles… so I wonder if they’d be threatened by that recent Federal Court (US) ruling:

    Why a court said clipping content is not fair use

    They do provide a link to the news article though, which I suppose is the validation. Would be interesting to see what the CTR is though…

  3. hope his app would be a help to humanity…. :)

  4. Can you yes your app

    1. yes, can yes my app


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