Twitter has teamed up with Turner Broadcasting and a startup to provide short video highlights from the NCAA March Madness games, showing again how the company is interesting in a variety of multimedia options.

Big East Basketball
photo: Corbis

While it won’t be all that easy to watch full NCAA March Madness games online unless you’re a cable subscriber, you will be able to tune into quick highlight clips from the big games at a slightly unlikely source — Twitter.

As USA Today reported Monday evening, Twitter will be teaming up with Turner Broadcasting and a startup called SnappyTV to provide short, 15-second highlights from all 67 games, tweeted out shortly after the moments happen. The Twitter account @marchmadness will have the clips, which will serve like instant replays on the social media site.

While Twitter started out as a text service — SMS, in fact — it has moved into the realm of visual content and media recently as part of an attempt to create a full-featured news stream with associated in-stream advertising.

The company launched a photo editing and filters app, the video app Vine, and there has been talk of a music app as well. Video replays around sports, which is an area with lots of advertising dollars, would make sense as Twitter builds up its monetization efforts and looks to add multimedia content into the service.

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