Cosmopolitan and Harlequin are launching a line of ebooks called Cosmo Red Hot Reads this summer. Sylvia Day, who originally self-published the bestselling Bared to You, has signed a seven-figure deal to write the first two Red Hot Reads.

sylvia day afterburn

Cosmopolitan magazine is teaming up with romance publisher Harlequin on a line of ebooks called Cosmo Red Hot Reads. While the partnership was first made public in December, the companies announced Tuesday that the first two books in the series will be written by the bestselling author Sylvia Day. Day originally self-published her bestselling Bared to You before signing a deal with Penguin’s Berkley last year.

Day signed a seven-figure deal with Harlequin; the first ebook, Afterburn, will be released on August 15, and the second, Aftershock, on November 15. Each will be about 30,000 words long and will cost $3.99 as ebooks. They’ll also be released as a “two-in-one trade paperback” in November, according to the release. Overall, Cosmo and Harlequin plan to release two Red Hot Reads a month starting in August, and all the books will “feature strong narratives centering on modern young women living the free-spirited and outgoing lifestyle espoused by the international magazine.”

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