Vimeo will allow creators with Pro memberships to charge for their video content starting Tuesday. Creators keep 90 percent of revenues, after transaction fees.


Online video site Vimeo is rolling out tools to let creators charge for their content, the company plans to announce Tuesday at SXSW.

The move into paid video distribution is a “natural next step” for Vimeo, CEO Kerry Trainor told me, following the launch of a “tip jar” feature last September. The new feature is called “Vimeo on Demand” and is available to creators with Vimeo Pro memberships (which are aimed at professionals, cost $199 a year and offer options like more video storage and HD playback).

Creators control price for their videos but have to charge at least $0.99. There’s a 90-10 revenue split after Paypal or credit card transaction fees, with creators taking 90 percent.

Creators also control geographic distribution and whether their content is streaming-only or downloadable. They can put it up for sale on Vimeo.com, on their own website, or both. If they choose to enable downloading, the format is DRM-free MP4.

YouTube is reportedly planning to start offering subscriptions as an additional monetization vehicle for creators. For now, Trainor said, Vimeo isn’t looking at any type of subscription offering: “The feature is targeted toward the creator, and there are no plans for a viewer package.”

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  1. Revolution Video Wednesday, March 13, 2013

    This is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to receive compensation for their hard earned work.

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