Microsoft online services including Outlook.com, Hotmail and Skydrive are experiencing problems on Tuesday night.


Not to sound like a broken record, but Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook users are having problems again. In fact since reporting on issues related to the Hotmail-to-Outlook.com changeover in early January, there’s been a fairly steady flow of complaints from users about inaccessible or only partly operative email. Much of that time, the Microsoft status page showed no issue but on Tuesday night it lit up like a Christmas tree.


There was another public flare up of problems at the end of February. At that time, a Microsoft spokeswoman explained that when a small number of users are affected the status page will not show a problem. Issues that impact a significant number of customers, on the other hand, “will be noted and visible on the server status page.”

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  1. It’s not outages per se, but rather the recurrent nature of the root cause that seems to be coming up. We should hold judgement on this slip up till we know what went on but I was pretty dark at Msft last time it happened….


  2. seems to me that this outlook.com-hotmail thing has not been addressed for all users since january when it started.

    1. not at all, I was surprised to see it, and I lost all my old e-mails on hotmail!!! I found my inbox empty!!! i sent a lot of e-mails to the support dpt, but no one single feedback! I lost all !!! 100’s of e-mails!! nothing in there!! i’m so upset and angry about…

      1. Me too all my sent emails from the last 15 years lost. Surely it must be possible for them to be retrieved, but Microsoft have been useless and claim its not their responsibility.

  3. For me it is working. :) Lucky me!!!

  4. why can i not do any thing whit my outlook page work fine when it was hotmail never had one promblem

    1. Unsolicited, unwanted, untried. OUTLOOK OUTRAGE Trubshaw lol.

    2. With you on that one. Old hotmail never failed me!

  5. Angie Birdsall Tuesday, March 19, 2013

    I don’t feel much better really but at least it’s not my computer. I’m a newswriter and had a hell of a time finishing up an important story just now. Keys ‘stuck’… every time I try to backtrack Outlooks asks me if I want to “cancel the message.” I never asked to update to Outlook in the first place.. I got used to it, but I don’t care for it.

  6. Why the hell am I putting up with this Hotmail/outlook crap….I’m off to Gmail. i have been with hotmail for years and now it’s ruined. May you rest in Peace Hotmail.

  7. Hotmail’s major annoyance seems to continue with the so-called upgrade. Many times I would get the message that “We can’t connect to Hotmail right now,” a devious wording that implies a problem somewhere other than in Hotmail itself. Who, after all, is “we” if not Hotmail? I hope they have fixed other annoyances, such as writing replies without the sender’s address being enter in the “to” line.

  8. Also it does not seem to play well with Android

  9. every time I try to go to use my PC ( google ) outlook comes on so I have to switch outlook off but it still comes on I want the old hotmail back . i cannot use the computer for any other uses properly !!!!!!

  10. one feature I don’t like about the new OUTLOOK is that when I am scanning through my inbox and deleting items, especially using the delete button on the inbox screen next to each item, I will get down near the bottom of the page, delete an item, and it takes me back up to the top. Then I have to go back down to find where I was, and continue from there. Real pain!

    Also, if I am going through my e-mails and am presently in an e-mail I have opened, if I delete it, then I would like to go on to the next e-mail. This used to be possible in hotmail, but now, it takes me out and back to the inbox, so I have to open the next item, very time-consuming!

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