Twitter users reported that Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel got hacked, and YouTube apparently fixed the problem, potentially preventing a riot of Bieber fans.

Screen shot of Justin Bieber's YouTube channel
photo: Screen shot

Sorry, Justin Bieber, your YouTube got hacked. Again.

The page was working fine at around 5:30 PT, but a couple of hours earlier, reports surfaced on Twitter about Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel, Kidrauhl, appeared to be hacked, sending fans running to Twitter:

Other YouTube channels might have been hacked, too, according to some tweets:

We’ve sent an inquiry to Google and will update this post as soon as we hear back.

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  1. So… your sources are mainly tweets. Damn, you guys are so bad.

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  3. We don’t allow them, Rich. Spammers exploit holes in how WordPress verifies comments to leave terrible ads, and when we see them, we remove them.

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