Sunrise: a smart way to access Google Calendar on your iPhone (video)

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.29.50 PM

Sunrise Calendar was released a few weeks ago, and I covered the launch then. But after using it for a few weeks I can say that it’s become a go-to app for me. And during that same time period, the team behind Sunrise also added a new feature based on initial user feedback: the option to sign in via Google instead of just Facebook.

Sunrise was initially launched as an email newsletter by a duo of former Foursquare user interface designers last year. But they decided to take the same idea — an overview of your day created by aggregating all the various calendars you  have, whether from Google, LinkedIN or Facebook — and make it into an app that users can go back to throughout the day to check on their upcoming schedule and appointments.

Below is a video where I walk through how the app works and why I think it’s a good app for those hunting for a mobile calendar app that’s slightly more sophisticated than the default app that comes standard on the iPhone.



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