How to use your phone to get things done: Any.DO’s daily moment

AnyDO Moment

A nifty little update to one of my favorite free task management smartphone apps makes it even better. Both the latest iPhone and Android versions of Any.DO help bring focus to daily tasks with a fun feature called Any.DO Moment. Instead of manually waiting for — and possibly putting off — a time to review your tasks, Any.DO Moment helps plan your day every morning.

The new feature is configurable to run at a specific time on any day of the week. When that time hits, the application opens and quickly walks through all of your open tasks.

For each of these, you simply tap the appropriate planning option: Today, Later, Done, Delete. Choosing Today or Later provides additional options for specific times or future dates. Any.DO will then juggle the tasks around to the days of your choice, or remove any tasks you mark as complete. The end result? You’ve done a daily task review and have a better handle on what needs to be done today:

[vimeo w=600&h=337]

Not only does the Any.DO Moment feature help bring focus to the day; it does so in way that’s fast, intuitive and somewhat fun. And this approach can help improve productivity, based on Any.DO’s own internal data. Says Any.DO CEO Omer Perchik:

“We’ve been testing the feature secretly in the past month and we’re seeing over 30 percent increase in engagement and over 20 percent improvement in retention. The feedback is simply remarkable. We keep receiving emails from people who say they feel far more organized and relaxed since they started using the Any.DO Moment. “

More organized and relaxed? Yup, I can see that after using Any.DO Moment on my mobile phones.

I’m no longer looking at my task list as an annoyance, but more as a tool to get things done.  Instead of being overwhelmed with an ever-growing list of activities, I feel like I’m in better control of my activities. A scheduled daily review of tasks — good practice regardless of the tool involved — combined with a fast, simple mobile interface definitely make it easier to get things done.


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