Wahoo’s new RFLKT is a second screen, iPhone bike computer


Cyclists that ride with an iPhone may be interested in the RFLKT from Wahoo Fitness, which debuted on Wednesday. The device, pronounced like the word “reflect,” is aptly named because it’s not quite a cycling computer by itself.

Instead, Wahoo bills it as an “iPhone powered bike computer,” which is a very accurate description: the small device acts as a second screen and interface for iOS cycling apps.

That means the RFLKT by itself is simply a display with a Bluetooth radio inside. But when paired with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and a GPS application used to track cycling activities, you won’t need to pull out your phone to see speed, cadence, distance and other data on your rides. Here’s how Wahoo describes it:

“The RFLKT wirelessly receives all App data and ride info from the iPhone 4S and/or iPhone 5 via Bluetooth Smart. Equipped with control buttons, cyclists can operate their favorite iPhone cycling App, toggle between screens, start/stop intervals and even control iPhone functionality such as music playback all from the RFLKT, while the iPhone remains safely in a jersey pocket or bike mounted compartment. RFLKT’s sleek profile and lowly 2 ounce weight, make it virtually unnoticeable when mounted, while the coin cell operated battery has a life of over one year and requires no charging. “

You could always mount your iPhone to your bike’s handlebars to accomplish the same thing, but I like what the RFLKT offers because I don’t want my iPhone out in the elements when weather is iffy.

With this weather- and shock-proof wireless solution, the iPhone can be bagged — a plastic sandwich bag is perfect for this — and placed in a protective pocket. And there’s no functionality loss because the Bluetooth connection between the RFLKT and the phone is two-way, meaning you can still manage lap times and such in your app. Take a look:


Wahoo Fitness is selling the RFLKT online for $129.99 and is the device is open so that it could be used with practically any cycling app — Wahoo has its own, of course. That’s great, but it will depend on third-party developers to add RFLKT support for their app so if you use different exercise tracking software title now, you may have to wait a bit and hope that your favorite app supports this new gadget.

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