Apple may be further along in developing an “iWatch” than previously thought. A new report says there is a team of 100 people working on the project.

iWatch 2 concept

Just as Apple has come under increased pressure from shareholders for more product innovation, more details are leaking out about a new device the company is said to be working on.

Following reports earlier this week that Apple is working on a smart watch that runs iOS, Bloomberg reports it has heard a few more details about the project. Apple has 100 people working on the device, according to sources who are not named. Those people include marketing, software and hardware people within the company.

Specifically, Bloomberg names James Foster, who is senior director of engineering, and Achim Pantfoerder, a program manager, as two people who are working on making a wearable device.

Bloomberg’s report tracks with what the New York Times and Wall Street Journal wrote earlier this week. Those stories referenced a “watch-like” device made of curved glass that would run iOS. But Bloomberg’s story reporting the size of the team indicates the project may be further along than simple “experimentations” as previously reported.

Apple’s stock has dropped in the last few months as shareholders have become worried that demand for the iPhone and and iPad may be slowing. But speculation is building that Apple is working on a wearable device, something that could be a companion or standalone device to interact with other Apple mobile products. Wearable computing is expected to be a $1.5 billion market by next year.

  1. Andrew H. Kuharevicz Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    About time the calculator watch makes a return around these parts. This is super cool.

  2. Reblogged this on heretohelpyou101 and commented:
    this is so cool it is like a miniature Itouch and it looks a bit like the Ipod nano watch

    1. There already is an ipod nano watch.
      google “ipod nano watchband”

  3. How about Apple spend a little time and effort to upgrade their Mac Pro Tower computer which hasn’t been really upgraded since 2010 and it is the only real computer they make anymore. No other Mac is even upgradable or allows you to add ram after you purchase it.

    Oh well this watch is only more proof that Apple is just a consumer products company.

    I bet you it will take a $50 dollar Apple only cable to charge the device instead of a micro USB cable that everyone else uses and is basically $2 dollars or less.

    1. Good thing I didn’t know that when I spent 30 seconds upgrading the RAM in my 27″ iMac.

      1. Well Jim I stand corrected I guess Apple has only two computers currently shipping that you can upgrade the ram on – your 27in iMac and then the ancient but still shipping Mac Pro Tower. No other laptops or iMacs are ram upgradable after shipping from Apple.

        If you want some real fun you see how long or close to impossible it is replace you iMac system hard disk.

      2. Apart from the Mac Mini I guess…

    2. alexmedawayhasleftthebuilding hundoman Tuesday, February 12, 2013

      apple is well aware that the best thing about wristwatches is that no one ever charges them! it won’t be a cable, they’re working on some practical wireless charging ideas

  4. Pebble (http://getpebble.com/) already there.

  5. safarieastafrica Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    This is one the smartest idea, the robotic world is here.

  6. safarieastafrica Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    This is one of the smartest idea ever, the robotic world is here and I am ready for it )-

  7. alexmedawayhasleftthebuilding Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    how about the iPatch to take on Google Glasses?

  8. It looks like the ultimate Dick Tracy watch.

  9. Nicholas Paredes Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    It will probably be closer to a FitBit than to a watch…

  10. ugh, I need to slide and unlock with a pin-code for my own watch.. = moronic..

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