HBO is bringing its HBO Go service to more screens by adding AirPlay support – but it’s not ready to offer an online-only subscription any time soon.


Eric Kessler, the COO of HBO, announced at All Things Digital’s Dive into Media conference in Dana Point, California on Tuesday that the company’s HBO Go service is now available via AirPlay, making it possible for users to stream the service’s videos straight from an iPad to an Apple TV. However, the service still won’t have a dedicated Apple TV app. Kessler insisted that this isn’t due to any challenges from Apple, but simply a development capacity question.

Kessler also reiterated the notion that HBO won’t offer a standalone HBO Go online subscription any time soon. “The economics today are not particularly compelling. Now that doesn’t mean that may not change,” he said.

He went on to explain that the cable provider’s key asset isn’t carriage, but promotion and packaging. Pay TV operators clock ten million transactions for HBO each year, Kessler said, but HBO isn’t paying any of their customer representatives.

Still, there may be a silver lining for cord cutters who want to watch HBO without paying for cable some time – except, it may take a long time for HBO to get there. “We can certainly do it when we want to,” Kessler said. “Today, that’s not the case.”

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  1. They should charge a crazy price for it just to break the ice.

  2. However, HBOgo still won’t work with an HDMI cable from my iPad. Why wouldn’t they make that work, if AirPlay is supported?

  3. Wonder how long it takes to bring Airplay to their HBONordic product?

    You can subscribe to HBONordic without a cable subscription. It is 9.95 EUR a month. If there was an Apple TV app I might just bother.

  4. I don’t see the point of the app having AirPlay. Unless you are away from home and don’t have a television set available, the HBO Go on the iPad is not very useful. It is easier to watch HBO fare on demand via your cable company than on an iPad via AirPlay.

  5. ““We can certainly do it when we want to,” Kessler said. “Today, that’s not the case.””

    Then they should have done a better job than they did with the Nordic services. Such promising service, totally messed up by technical issues and a problem with customer communication:


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