Matt drove for miles to three difference stores, but persistance pays off as he purchases a 128 GB Surface Pro. Hear about that and both hosts final thoughts on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.


MoTR 290 is 51:50 minutes long and is a 32 MB file in MP3 format.

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • Hunt for the Surface Pro and first impressions
  • One week in with the BlackBerry Z10
  • Coda One 3-in-1 bluetooth handset. How come there aren’t more of these? Great for voice conversations on a tablet.
  • HP jumps in the Chromebook game: $329 for a Pavilion with 14-inch screen
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  1. i am glad to see bigger chromebooks.

    I see as a target for chromebooks people who mostly browse the web but have constant problems with viruses, other malware and/or just keeping their machines properly maintained.

    most of the people I know who fit in the above category are very much big laptop and/or desktop people. netbook owners just tend to be a bit more technically inclined.

    so if chromebook are to be marketed as ‘simpler’ computers bigger models are certainly in order. I would actually like to se 17in chromebooks as well as all-in-one desktops.

    1. I can see some benefit to a larger Chromebook provided it has a removable battery and higher resolution for the bigger screen. Just my opinion / preference. ;)

      1. i think the difference is you see a chromebook as a supplement to your other computers and/or as a traveling device.

        the audience i am thinking of does not use their laptops outside of there homes, but they carry them to the computer shop a few times a year for virus cleanup’s. the main idea i have is for these people to eliminate windows computers from there life, but they are usually not prepared to give up a big screen. most of these people are not interested in resolution other than not liking the ‘tiny text’ they get without scaling up a high res screen.

        more than anything though i see a really big market for inexpensive all-in-one family shared desktops running chromeOS. i have a small computer store and nothing comes in for service more than family shared desktops.

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