Most external battery packs are big and bulky and unattractive. Mophie has come up a thinner snap-on battery pack, Helium, that adds about six hours of extra Internet time to my iPhone 5. No wonder it is on my want list.


Thanks to our need to constantly connect to the Internet, we all want more juice — aka: battery power — for our smartphones. And while the whiz kids work on new battery technologies to change our world, we are all relegated to using battery packs. As an iPhone user, I often carry two or three of these battery packs in my bag, just in case I run out of power – which I usually do.

Most of these battery packs are quite unattractive, to put it mildly. However, I like this new one from Mophie – the Juice Pack Helium – which is specially designed for the iPhone 5 and is quite thin and svelte. Well, it is 13 percent thinner than the previous Juice Packs, but as someone who struggles to lose weight, I know even a few millimeters are important.

At $80, it is not cheap, but if it gets me six extra hours of LTE time, I will take it. I am heading to the Apple store today. Who would have thought that we would lust for a battery pack?

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  1. Seen any good solar chargers lately?

    1. None of them that actually work.

  2. Has to have the lightning connector get passed through for me to consider it as my every day case which was the case so to speak for my iphone 4 and 4S. No way I’m going back to micro or mini usb. I hate that damn port and it was the weak link on multiple mophies.

  3. You would be better off with another phone then. There still are phones with removable batteries and there is the Moto HD Maxx.

    1. But it doesn’t run iOS!

    2. Yeah, but it is Moto. Seriously, I am unable to use any other platform and I like using my iPhone 5

  4. I believe it’s only available at mophie.com now.

    1. I saw that. I am ordering this :-)

  5. I wouldn’t consider 8oz “bulky”, yet this solution works in far more ways than yours Om:


    1. Yes, but unfortunately that solution only works if you have the battery pack with you when you need it.

      With the mophie, its always there.

      Both ways have their benefits. Both ways have their disadvantages.

      Thats why we have choices.


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