Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones are full of rare earth minerals China is one of the biggest producers (and consumers) of these rare earth minerals, which are becoming such hot commodities that entrepreneurs and investors are thinking about mining the moon for them.


CNET has a detailed report on the mining of rare earth minerals (also called rare earth elements) and created this infographic that shows how they are being used inside the iPhone (and also other smartphones.) And that is why I thought this graphic was worth sharing — so at least we know what is being used and where. Rare earth metals are likely to be a major source of contention in coming years. China is a major supplier of these minerals. (via Randy Krum)

The Periodic Table of iPhone: Rare earth metals and how they are used inside smartphones

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  1. C/net executive administrator of under executives Tuesday, February 5, 2013

    Yes, but isn’t CBS involved in a lawsuit with a company that produces a product that is assembled in China? I don’t see how this infographic made it pass legal.

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