Heading to a coffee shop without your Mac? Consider this sneaky method to use a two-screened Windows laptop — and save your Apple stickers!

Apple logo on Windows laptop

Let’s face it: More often than not, the Apple logo is everywhere at Starbucks. You see it on iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBooks. Heck, occasionally you see it on a “portable” iMac! But the ol’ Microsoft Windows branding appears from time to time, begging the question: How does one blend in with the Apple crowd with such a device?

Here’s the simple answer from Steve Paine, provided you’re using an Asus Taichi 21 in your local coffee shop:

I’ll be honest, I never really saw a use for the second touchscreen display on this Asus laptop. Now, I have. Of course, with the Asus Taichi 21 costing $1,300 or more, this is far more expensive than the old method of using an Apple sticker, no?

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  1. Joris Witteman Friday, February 1, 2013

    What is happening to GigaOM guys. Seriously.

  2. The only other use that I can see for the Taichi is for presentations that you give at Starbucks. Your client sees the display on the back-side while you see the presenter side on the front.

  3. Nice. Thanks for posting this in addition to all of your more serious pieces.

  4. Just like kids buying white earbuds to plug into their Zune…

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