Research In Motion is no more. BlackBerry is the new company name and the Z10 is the first BlackBerry 10 handset. Here’s a quick overview of the new phone.

BlackBerry Z10

After sitting through the BlackBerry 10 Experience launch event on Wednesday morning — here’s the liveblog if you want a recap — I left the venue with two things: A Z10 review phone and a question about who BlackBerry 10 will appeal to. I can’t answer the latter yet, although I think the main audience will be existing BlackBerry users. As far as the phone: My very first limited impressions are generally positive.

Here’s a quick unboxing of the device which will launch in the U.S. in March. Overall, the hardware is very solid and the performance of BB 10 is spritely. I also run through the full specifications as they weren’t covered at the event.

I couldn’t yet get the phone set up as I’ll need a micro SIM card, so I’ll tackle that upon returning home later today. That’s when I’ll take a deep dive into the new BB 10 features, gestures software and services.

  1. Wait for Apple law suit for copying iPhone 5 :)

    1. lawsuit I mean, some problem here, my above video stopped when I posted my comment!

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