Details of Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro device arrived: The slate starts at $899 and launches on Feb. 9 in both the U.S. and Canada. You’ll find it at Microsoft stores as well as Staples and Best Buy.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s follow up to the Surface RT tablet goes on sale next month: The company will begin selling its Surface Windows 8 Pro slate in the U.S. and Canada on Feb. 9 with a starting price of $899. Intel’s Core i5 processor will power the device, which comes with 64 GB of memory at this price. The device will have a keyboard cover that snaps on to the tablet as needed.

Unlike its predecessor, which runs on an ARM-based chip, the new Surface runs a full version of Windows 8 Pro in addition to having the touch friendly user interface formerly known as Metro.

That removes a key limitation of the Surface RT device: Surface Windows 8 Pro can run all legacy Windows applications. And the device will certainly be a better performer, although that will come at the cost of battery life: Microsoft has previously said to expect half the run-time compared to Surface RT. I’d expect 4 to 5 hours on a charge as a result.

One aspect that may have hurt Surface RT sales is one that Microsoft is correcting with the new tablet. Instead of initially limiting sales to Microsoft-branded stores and online sales, Staples and Best Buy will carry the new Surface Windows 8 Pro.

  1. 64GB of memory? Or is 64GB the size of the SSD?

    1. …answering my own question…4 GB RAM and 64GB flash memory for storage.

      I am really interested in this device, and would like the product even more if it had two additional ‘specs':

      1. wireless charging (like the HP Touchpad and Palm Pre etc.) and..

      2. wireless video (a way to get its video signal, wirelessly, to an external monitor)

      …is 2. possible with some sort of USB 3 dongle?

      Love gigaom.

  2. I’ll probably take a look… and return it. It’s a tough sell next to my $400 netbook that runs for 8 hours, has a 250GB SSD on board and offers better connectivity.

    If I really were in the market for a slate like this, I’d be looking at the Razer Edge with it’s dedicated GPU and game on the go, battery life be damned.


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