Some Twitter users are reporting issues getting access to the service, and the company wrote on its blog Monday that engineers are working on a fix. The outage comes on Inauguration Day, when millions of tweets about the inauguration are flowing through the site.

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Twitter is experiencing outages on Monday, with some users reporting difficulty accessing tweets and a variety of Twitter apps, and the company posted to its blog that its engineers are working on a fix. Some users are also experiencing trouble with redirects and t.co links, or links shortened by Twitter, which is problematic for anyone sharing links through the site.

Update: Twitter posted that it had resolved the problem around 10 PM PST on Monday.

Twitter experienced serious outages and “fail whale” instances earlier in its history, but it moved to its own data centers in 2011 and has worked to minimize those issues, which tend to cause a strong reaction on the part of users.

The reported outage comes on Inauguration Day, when the company’s @gov account reported that it had 1.1 million inauguration-related tweets coming during the ceremony.  In contrast, Twitter saw approximately 82,000 inauguration-related tweets in 2009, back when the company was still relatively new. Here’s the chart the company provided of tweets this year in comparison to 2009.

Update: As of 5 PM PST, Twitter was still experiencing connectivity issues and the company’s status page had not changed. Users were still having difficulty with t.co links, which means even if the site was back up, they might still have trouble clicking links and accessing information.

Update: Around 5:40 PM PST, the company noted on its support account that it was still working the problem:

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