Got a Galaxy Note 10.1 or Galaxy Tab 2? Samsung has a software update for both Wi-Fi models that will bring Android 4.1 to the slates. The larger tablet also gains the useful Premium Suite.

Galaxy Note 10.1 easy clip

Owners of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 have a software update coming that will improve their tablet experience while boosting performance at the same time. Samsung announced Friday that Android 4.1 is ready for both Wi-Fi models, so there’s no need to wait for carrier testing or approval on the software. While both tablets get the Android update, the larger Galaxy Note 10.1 also benefits from Samsung’s Premium Suite of software.

Android 4.1, introduced in June, brings a number of useful enhancements to mobile devices. The Google Now assistant and search tool is part of this version as are the improved Android notifications: It’s much easier to take action on notifications in this version of the software. There are plenty of other features in the update, but the most noticeable may be the result of Google’s Project Butter. This effort optimizes and improves device performance, so owners of the Note 10.1 and Tab 2 should see better device responsiveness.

While the Tab 2 doesn’t have a stylus, the Note 10.1 does. And that’s why the latter is also getting the Premium Suite with this upgrade. I’ve covered the software before, mainly because my Galaxy Note 2 already has the suite. This software added multi-window capability on my phone and it gets even better on the Note 2: You can resize app windows on the larger 10.1-inch tablet.

Galaxy Note 10.1 cascade

Other Premium Suite features include hover mode and gesture support for the S-Pen, Paper Artist, an optimized file manager, Photo Note annotations, and more.

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  1. Difference between Samsung and Telco sales strategies. Samsung updates Android devices to delight customers and turn them into hair sales-reps. Telcos hobbles users with underperforming versions of Android to force them to upgrade. Long past time for telcos to cease sabotaging Android updates.

    1. No argument here! That’s why I buy Wi-Fi tablets and unlocked phones from overseas. Trying to cut the carriers out of the equation as much as possible. ;)

      1. Lukaash Nanofictitious Dvorzaaczech Kevin C. Tofel Sunday, January 20, 2013

        So happy to not live in the US :)
        Especially because of this

      2. We’re even happier that you don’t live in the US.

  2. I am using Tab 2 – GT3100, my version is 4.1.1 and new updates are not availible at this point of time. I want to use multiple windows ?

  3. Chuck DiStasio Thursday, March 14, 2013

    My Tab 2 seems to be upgraded with ver. 4.1.1 which has since caused my notifications (emails) not to operate anymore. The suggestion by support to Factory Reset was not a good answer, since the last time I had to do this I was unable to log back on using the same address. Not factory resetting anymore. I hate having to live with things they way they are. Disappointed! !

  4. Alicia Simpson Beattie Friday, March 15, 2013

    where did screenshot go?

  5. can i connect the I pad Galaxy 10.1 2 note to data show?

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