T-Mobile is getting aggressive to lure new customers. The carrier is offering its 4G Unlimited Data without a contract. New laptops and tablets also come with T-Mobile service: Users get a taste with 200 MB of free monthly data and options to add more.

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T-Mobile is making a bid to get new customers trying its mobile broadband network: The company is including free wireless data services in select new Windows 8 laptops. Dell and HP are the first to partner with T-Mobile to give laptop owners 200 MB of free wireless service per month for two years in the 4G Connect offering. For handset owners, T-Mobile’s 4G Unlimited plan goes contract-free, allowing consumers to use the service without any commitment.

The carrier announced the news on Tuesday at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, noting that its 4G Unlimited plan is the most popular: 46 percent of T-Mobile customers last month chose the $70 plan that provides unlimited voice, messages and data on T-Mobile’s network. And it’s a busy network. T-Mobile says that each day, 32 million songs are streamed and Facebook is visited 1.8 billion times.

T-Mobile’s new laptop partnerships will offer a taste of that network as well. The new 4G Connect offering will start on the Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook and HP Pavilion dm1 laptop. Qualcomm’s Gobi modem chip enables the connection, which T-Mobile says is easier to use than Wi-Fi because it’s a “walk out working” type of service.

Once the monthly data allotment of 200 MB is used up, customers can opt for additional data starting at $10 for 1 GB of service. T-Mobile expects the 4G Connect program to expand across various other tablets and notebooks priced at $499 or higher, including some future Windows RT products.

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    1. DougTheComputerDoctr Young Lee Tuesday, January 8, 2013

      Go with Solavei and get your unlimited 4G for free! http://WWW.askmeaboutfree4g.com

    2. T-Mobile’s service is excellent. I have used them for four years and tested their 4G against my good friend’s Verizon and kicked their arse every time. Plus, T-Mobile’a customer service has never angered me or disappointed.

    3. Obviously haven’t tried tmo^

  2. not true tmobile is good too

  3. $10/gb may be ok for a phone but is way to much considering how laptops slurp data

    we need some plans with big allotments(multiples of 10Gb) at reasonable monthly prices

    what about just getting a SIM card without a laptop? maybe there will be replacement SIM for people who buy used laptops missing the SIM’s?

    i wonder if the SIM will be tied to the laptop or could be swapped into a phone.

    while i do not find 200 MB/month very useful for a laptop i could always use an extra SIM for testing phone, etc. with 200 MB/month free plus $10/GB.

  4. I enjoy the Tmo 4G No contract its very fast I have however experienced dry spots here in Az every once in awhile but on both Tmo contract and Non.
    Still Id highly recommend the service to a friend.

  5. I agree with anon_poster we need more data not just 200 mb thats nothing last month i used 57 GB of data good thing i got clear it sucks but its unlimited.I wouldn’t mind paying for good internet service but prices are too high $10 for 1GB is too much for those who use a lot of data like me maybe 3 bucks would be just fine

  6. I have been a customer of T-Mobile since 1997. My service is just fine, Wee Lee.

    It would be nice to get some consideration from T-Mobile for being a loyal customer for 15 years, however.

    1. I have been a loyal customer of Walmart for 25 years, yet I’ve never received anything from them. We shouldn’t expect compensation for being with a company especially when we are getting the service that we are paying for. T-Mobile has a great loyalty department though, they have never failed me. I <3 TMO

  7. I’ve had them for 10 years andhavehad no problems

  8. $10 for 1 Gig is very nice. I’d love to have that on my Cell phone.

    1. i agree. pay as you go $10/gb would be great for a phone of even tablet but way too expensive for a laptop. updates running in the background would cost a fortune,

  9. I have had tmobile for 4 years and a completely happy with them. I usually use up 8gigs of dats per month so there unlimited plan is awesome. I even got 2 free galaxy s3 when i renewed my contract with them. If your a long time customer you just gotta call cutomer service and say your going to cancel and they will offer you stuff like that.

  10. Please forgive me in advance for what may sound like a dumb question. No flames, please.

    I have been a Verizon customer for almost 10 years. I have an iPhone 5 and my wife has an HTC Incredible Android device. Are we able to switch to T-Mobile with our devices and phone numbers? Or would all that have to change and we’d have to buy new devices?


    1. TMobile uses GSM while Verizon uses CDMA – two totally incompatible formats. Something like a pentaband Lumia 920 can run on both services but not most phones. Also T-Mobile uses a strange frequency range for their HSPA+ data usually only supported by T-Mobile phones. If you have LTE T-Mobile around then that may not be an issue.

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