Microsoft said it’s working on an issue that’s affected some Hotmail and Outlook.com mail users. Users reported issues with those services starting Monday that spilled over into Tuesday.


Problems with Microsoft’s Hotmail service that surfaced Monday cropped up again throughout the day Tuesday and persisted into the night. Late Tuesday afternoon, a Microsoft spokesman said the company is investigating an issue “affecting a small number of users’ access to Hotmail and Outlook.com” and is working to restore access as fast as possible.

As is usually the case, reports of the outage erupted on Twitter. One user in Austin, Texas said her service had been down for “hours at a time for two days.” She said Hotmail support attributed the issue to system updates. Other Hotmail users reported no problems.

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Hotmail, a free basic email service which Microsoft said this summer would be transitioned into a new Outlook.com brand over the next few months, competes with Google’s Gmail and Yahoo mail in the consumer email market. Users on both Hotmail and Outlook.com sites were impacted Tuesday.

Update: See this updated story for more information about Hotmail/Outlook.com problems.

Another update: And, here is another update, on May 2, 2013, Microsoft said the Hotmail-to-Outlook.com migration is complete. Feel free to comment there.

  1. The service sux. For two days I am unable to access my hotmail in Japan when I really need it.
    I dont know what does MS need so much time to restore the services, but should not it be redundant?

    Poor planning, poor execution.

    1. have you noticed that the service is out during working hours as opposed to night time hours? I’m hearing that’s the case in other geographies which is odd. i also wonder if this is part of a Hotmail-to-Outlook.com migration

      1. Hotmail is global….define working hours and business hours on a global scale.

    2. It is redundant; I don’t use it.

    3. Sucks Sucks Sucks !!

  2. KayDel Marshall Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    I can no longer delete or change email addresses on my outlook. What’s up with that?

  3. In the netherlands hotmail shows the same problem. I have 4 accounts. 3 are open to use. One which I use for work is down. No one at microsoft/windows/msn seems to know why. They just ignore or send useless statements about a malfunction of some of the hotmail accounts.

    1. thanks for your note. Can you update us today?

  4. My Outlook service has not been accessible for the last TWELVE HOURS NONSTOP, since 9 AM today! Microsoft is totally incompetent. I should switch to G-mail where they know what they are doing! I am losing business income here.

  5. i rang a helpline number gainrd via googling ‘hotmail problems’I was concerned about being asked for my email address [ fair enough ] but he wanted my password also. was i being over cautious to refuse ?? i am still without access today ..9th jan

  6. if they take too long to fix this users might no longer trust it
    shame outlook really has a nice interface
    but reliability is of utmost imortance

  7. Orlando, Florida…..hotmail not working since yesterday (Mon) am, i can see email but nothing else…my smartphone is stuck! I must think about switching email accounts…i have had the hotmail account forever…..

  8. Outlook on the web seems OK as does desktop Outlook. Blackberry receiving hotmail emails but nothing coming in on my Google Nexus7 running the hotmail app. Strange!!

  9. I have not had service since tuesday morning and according to Hotmail help center all is fixed…don’t thinks so!

  10. Problem report

    We’re still working on this problem.
    Service(s) impacted: Hotmail, Outlook


    Hotmail is working for all web users and POP-based accounts. Some mobile device users relying on EAS (Active Sync) may see problems accessing their email, calendar and contacts. We are working to restore their access.Jan 08 10:18 AM


    Fixing the problem is taking longer than we hoped. We’ll provide an update by Jan 09 4:20 AM. We apologize for the lengthy interruption in service.Jan 09 12:22 AM

    Fixing the problem is taking longer than we hoped. We’ll provide an update by Jan 09 12:20 AM. We apologize for the lengthy interruption in service.Jan 08 8:22 PM

    We’re still working on the problem and will provide an update by Jan 08 8:20 PM. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.Jan 08 4:20 PM

    We’re working on the problem and will provide an update by Jan 08 4:20 PM. Thank you for your patience.Jan 08 12:20 PM

    1. Can you tell us when that problem will be resolved? I cannot send or receive any email via my Android cellphone and my calendar doesn’t sync anymore! I works on an off on my PC with the Outlook software. The worst is that I deleted my emails and my calendar trying to restore it on my cellphone and now I can’t access anything anymore!! Please hurry! Thanks.


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