For the first time since passing the 50 percent market, less than half of all Android devices are running version 2.3. Instead, nearly 40 percent use Android 4.x. It’s easier to get digital magazines in Google Play and a pic of the Galaxy S4 popped up.


After two weeks off to recharge my batteries for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, it’s time to recap of some of the more important Android news of the past few days. Like the beginning of every month, Google updated its developer dashboard showing the distribution of devices using different Android versions. The number of Android 4.0 and 4.1 users jumped to 39.3 percent in the two-week period ending Jan. 3.

Only two months prior that figure was under 30 percent; in 60 days the total percentage of Android 4.x users hitting the Google Play store increased 10.8 points. And devices running the most common Android version, Gingerbread, finally dropped to under one half of all smartphones and tablets running Android: 47.6 percent are using some variant of Android 2.3.

Both trends should continue accelerating as most Android 2.3 devices aren’t getting more software updates. Instead, users will transition to newer smartphones and tablets that run Android 4.0 or better. I’m still holding to my prediction from last October: “In four to six months, the majority of Android devices are running on Android 4.0 or better.”

Print digital mag on AndroidSomething that all Android devices will benefit from are digital magazines. Android Police learned that print subscribers to certain magazine titles can easily get the digital version due to a change in the Google Play store.

There’s now a Play store option to get the title digital, if the publisher provides free digital access to subscribers. The action appears seamless and should make the overall digital magazine experience better on Androids.

While I don’t expect any blockbuster news out of Samsung at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company is surely working on a successor to its best-selling Galaxy S III. Logic dictates this will be the Galaxy S4 and a leaked image of the alleged device appeared this week. SamMobile shows a phone that unsurprisingly looks like a larger Galaxy S3, but with a thinner bezel and no hardware home button.

The rumored Galaxy S4 will reportedly use a 5-inch display with full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Samsung’s next generation Exynos is sure to power the smartphone; possibly in a 2 GHz configuration. Again, Samsung isn’t expected to debut such a device at CES. It’s far more likely that any new Galaxy flagship will debut at Samsung’s own press event a few months from now.

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  1. “Nearly 40 percent use Jelly Bean”

    It should be like:
    “Around 10 percent use Jelly Bean and nearly 30 percent use Ice Cream Sandwich”

    1. Thanks Arvid. Too many desserts to keep track of. ;) I’ll update the post.

  2. richardmgarrett Saturday, January 5, 2013

    Glad to hear your batteries are recharged! Not so glad to infer that maybe my StraightTalk Android 2.3 device (or the one I’m trying on republicwireless) might within a year be legacy devices. It would be great to have a truly cloud based device handset, maybe the Chromebook of smartphones.

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  4. I read your article on Amazon blocking and then unlocking the Android Market on the Kindle Fire HD after you grilled them. They are doing the same thing with appszoom.com. It gives the external market error and redirects you to their appstore which doesn’t ever have the app, which is why you’d be on appszoom to begin with. I sideloaded dolphin so the option to download for Android is available if it wasn’t for Amazon blocking it. Shame on them for restricting app sites. I would never expect them to support an external app. Perhaps you can again get them to change their ways??

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