One expected debut for next month’s Consumer Electronics Show happened a little early as a Huawei exect showed off the company’s newest smartphone. The device has a whopping 6.1-inch display which is great for most mobile activities, but won’t likely fit in a front pants pocket.

Huawei 6-inch smartphone

The trend of big smartphones that rival small tablets in size is continuing and Huawei is the latest handset maker to take the leap. The China-based company is expected to show off a 6.1-inch smartphone at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show, but a Huawei executive couldn’t wait for the event: At a Huawei store, the company’s Chairman of devices provided a short look at the large Android phone, reports Engadget. Here’s the quick peek of this part-phone, part-tablet.

The device is a bit larger than the 5.5 Galaxy Note 2 that I use as my primary phone, but there’s clearly a market for large-screened smartphones. Samsung’s second-gen Galaxy Note is selling faster than the first iteration from last year, which ended up selling 5 million units within six months of its introduction. HTC, Motorola, LG and even Apple have designed phones with big displays over the past year as consumer appeal for such devices is on the rise.

Why the desire for smartphones that have screen sizes similar to small tablets? I pointed out a few reasons for this trend earlier this year, when I suggested that for some, tablets will actually replace smartphones.

Mobile media consumption is on the rise, with no signs of slowing down: Watching high-definition video on a larger, yet still portable, screen is more enjoyable. Voice calls could be a challenge on big devices, although hands-free, Bluetooth headsets and traditional wired headphones can help. And short of voice calls, there are few functions that are actually better on a smartphone than on a tablet.

Are you ready for a 6.1-inch smartphone? Maybe not, but Huawei is betting that some people are.

  1. Kevin, as the proud owner of a Note 2 – for the past few days, I am eager for the rumoured 6.3″ Note 3 next week. Note 2 is amazing!!! and a slightly bigger screen would still fit my pockets.

    So our new configuration here in Canada is makes so much MORE sense.
    Apple is our content provider! Yes we have a JOINT account on iTunes my wife and I. No personal data, but shared content. This way we buy movies and music and share it. We consume via our Apple TV and Google music after uploading.
    Then for our personal data we use just the Google services. I have 100GB of space on the GDrive and one of the most surprising news for me – which you must cover Kevin, is the new integration of the “Gallery” app (at least on my note2) with Picasa! Finally a complete eco system of everything in the cloud in a beautiful manner.

    Happy holidays! And who knows … maybe next new year we will have that 6+” smartphone I predicted 3 years ago here :)

  2. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm Tuesday, December 25, 2012

    I am wondering if any of these devices will come with Windows 8. It would add to the variety of options.

  3. I want hear about the battery magic this is packing, or any big screen device for that matter…

  4. Uh, clearly smartphones are going to replace tablets because as they get bigger screens guess what? They’re still smartphones!


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