With more than a dozen projects raising more than $1 million (some in less than a day), 2012 was a banner year for Kickstarter. Here are GigaOM’s favorite campaigns from the worlds of connected devices, open-source technology and publishing.


Ubi – The Ubiquitous Computer

Goal: $36,000
Amount pledged: $229,594

A Siri-like home assistant, Ubi is an always-on, voice-activated home computer. Want to send a text or change the thermostat while you’re chopping vegetables or otherwise engaged? Ubi’s goal is to let people interact with the Internet and their environment without using their hands. When it ships, a few applications include voice-enabled Internet search, a baby monitor, a noise pollution monitor and an indicator system that causes a light to blink when a stock hits a certain price or a email from your boss comes through. It recently announced that it will partner with SmartThings for a voice-controlled home automation platform.

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  1. Love kickstarter. Cant wait till we see some traction with the Jobs Act next year. :)

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