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Coworking spaces have become popular among startups, and they’re popping up all over the city. Our intrepid reporter spent much of the past month camping out at various coworking spaces in New York to see what the fuss is all about.

General Assembly

General Assembly

The backstory: If you want to work here, you’d better not call General Assembly a “coworking space.” The founders — Brad Hargreaves, Jake Schwartz, Matthew Brimer, and Adam Pritzker — prefer the loftier “global network of campuses for technology, business and design.” General Assembly opened in New York last year, and fueled by $14.3 million in venture capital, has expanded around the world, to London, Berlin and other major cities.

General Assembly 2What we liked: If you want to be at the center of the startup community in New York, this is a place to be. General Assembly offers dozens of weekly courses taught by members and others in the tech community (which members can attend at a discount). The amenities – including a full kitchen, bike room, conference rooms, media labs, and lockers – are all top of the line. Also, it hosts regular happy hours and attracts a constant stream of heavy-hitters from the tech world and beyond — earlier this fall, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Kanye West made separate visits to check it out.

What we didn’t like: Despite the cachet afforded GA startups, some in the greater tech community think the scene is over-hyped. I was told by a few members that dogs aren’t allowed, but I got a friendly visit from a King Charles Spaniel while I was there.

The people: Given its profile, it attracts a high caliber set of startups, like Dwolla, Y Combinator-backed Daily Muse and Food52. Alums include daily deals site Yipit and “Kayak for event tickets” startup SeatGeek.

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  1. Nicholas Paredes Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    It all started in coffee shops… The coffee shop I frequented had several mobile startups soon to exit! One of these has actually ditched their space and moved into 1871.

    The classes and camaraderie are what makes this super appealing.

  2. Great article Ki Mae. We loved having you @AlleyNYC ;)

  3. Great article. Check out openstudioclub.com for interesting spaces.

  4. We are involved in a coworking space near Union Sq with a few other start ups. It’s great for us and the connections and expertise of the coworkers are an advantage. http://www.insparq.com

  5. Comprehensive article on Coworking Spaces in NYC. Another great one to mention: SoTechie Spaces in Midtown Manhattan. Near everything awesome New York has to offer!
    http://sotechiespaces.com. Featuring FREE Coworking Fridays! :-)

  6. More Coworking Spaces to test in NYC…..here: http://www.sharedesk.net/search/list/new%20york

  7. Awesome article Ki Mae -@beyond loves working out of @Grindspaces!

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