YouTube just released a new video recording app for iPhones that comes with a bunch of neat features designed to help you make better videos, and share them on social networks. But the boldest thing about the app may just be its name.

youtube capture

Forget all that talk about the Instagram of video: YouTube wants to be the next default iPhone camera app. The Google-owned video service just released a really simple and basic video recording app for iOS that automatically uploads each and every clip to its site, with options to share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The app has a number of useful options baked-in, and a sneakily convincing name: On your iOS home screen, it’s simply going to show up as “Capture.”

YouTube Capture comes with a few key features that make it superior to the default iOS camera app: It offers image stabilization and color correction, and users can trim clips and even add a YouTube-approved soundtrack. And here’s the killer: YouTube capture won’t let you record a clip until you hold your camera horizontally, so you won’t accidentally record everything sideways.

Clips can be shared publicly, marked as unlisted or kept private, and the app will upload videos automatically as soon as you stop shooting. Uploads will continue even after you “close” the app, so you’ll be able to do something else while your clips upload in the background.

That’s all pretty neat, especially if you compare it to the somewhat complicated workflow of sharing videos through Apple’s native camera app, which oftentimes involves switching back and forth between photo and video mode.

But the name of the app itself is probably just as noteworthy, because it’s a bold step to (pardon the choice of words) capture screen estate, mind share and ultimately users from Apple. Google has in recent weeks spent a lot of energy on trying to replace standard iOS apps like Maps, Safari and the now-phased-out YouTube app with its own versions. Capture is just another step in that process.

  1. Why would they approve it if they felt threatened, or is it that now that maps is approved so will any other clashing app. Misleading title btw

    1. Yep! :)

  2. they should enable real time uploading for live streaming and emergency situations when the user might not get to finish the video for one reason or another.

  3. 2 things:

    1. Camera.app has done image stabilization since iOS 5 on the 4S.

    2. Videos taken via camera.app in portrait have never appeared sideways. They simply maintain the portrait “tall” aspect ratio.

    Sharing options are just as robust, just not automatic. That’s probably a good thing given that most people don’t blindly dump raw video up to their social networks. For editing, you simply use iMovie on iOS, which is best in breed.

  4. Are most people really just uploading video immediately to YouTube after they record it? Without even playing it back? Without editing it? This app seems to serve a limited purpose, unless there is a means of turning off automatic uploads. I hardly feel like YouTube needs more unedited, unreviewed amateur video, and this app not only encourages that

    1. Igor Oliyarnik Monday, December 17, 2012

      I’m sure the default settings is that the videos are set to private as is the case with most other “auto” uploading apps.

      1. That’s not the point. You need to have the videos edited prior to upload.

    2. you’re right – but I think that’s the point – people will start uploading mobile recorded movies a lot more, and a lot faster.
      I guess more like a short captures, rather than longer clips.

      maybe that’s what implies saying – “Instagram of Video”

  5. Jesse Hollington Monday, December 17, 2012

    Since I still use my iOS Camera app to mostly take *still* photos, I”m not sure that the YouTube Capture app has any chance at all of replacing that.

    Further, not everything I record wants (or needs) to be shared on YouTube. Mostly it’s videos of my three-year-old daughter, which are inherently for private consumption and archival only.

  6. didnt work for me. Took a 10 sec test video, tried to upload it to my Youtube account…just says “thinking” even after 15 minutes. DELETED this app.

  7. only allows you to upload to YouTube in 720p. Whack….

  8. I don’t like any app that “automatically” uploads anything.

  9. ClipClock is an amazing social video hub and sharing app! Check it out: http://www.clipclock.com/download/4174


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