Documents filed with the SEC on Friday indicate that Sequoia Capital has raised $700 million for its global growth fund, an existing but not yet reported fund for international investments. The firm has been expanding internationally recently as the trend among VCs is to look overseas.

A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday by Sequoia Capital showed that the firm has raised $700 million for its global growth fund, which was established earlier in the year as a separate fund for international investments. The filing was first noted by TechCrunch, and lists Sequoia partner Doug Leone as the signer. Sequoia declined to provide a comment on the filing.

A large global growth fund could allow Sequoia to do larger deals as it expands its international presence. In May Dan Primack reported that the firm was looking to raise at least $1 billion in aggregate over several funds, and the firm reportedly raised $975 million for three early-stage venture funds this summer, the Wall Street Journal reported at the time. The firm has been expanding through those funds to areas like China and Israel for new investments, as well as expressing interest in Brazil.

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