What does next year have in store for the digital content business? Our media team offers some predictions, from cord cutting and apps to self publishing and paywalls.

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Some big things happened in the media business this year: The government sued Apple for allegedly fixing ebook prices, odd bedfellows the New York Times and BuzzFeed joined forces to cover political conventions, and a phone hacking scandal rocked Britain.

What will next year bring? Everyone loves to look into their crystal ball, and we’re no different. So here are our collective predictions for 2013, from books and video to newspapers and advertising.

This is one of a handful of pieces over the next week that looks at what’s coming down the road next year in the various sectors we cover.

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  1. Attitude, yazsir, attitude.

    With all due respect for your curatorial capabilities, I noticed no “daring” predictions in your comment.

    IMO, antipodal articles reviewing the past year and predicting the one ahead are not mean as exercises in memory and clairvoyance. They’re extensions of the age-old tradition of pausing at year’s end to appreciate what we’ve been through and gather our resources for what’s likely to come.

    “What We’ll See in 2013 in Digital Media” does a credible job of the latter.

  2. “I don’t believe publishers and Apple conspired to set ebook prices…”

    Hahaha! That explains why they made all those arguments about why they were JUSTIFIED in colluding.

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