Twitter is finally rolling out header profile pictures for all users beginning on Wednesday, forcing over the change that will put large, horizontal photos on profile pages and make Twitter look much more like Facebook as the two sites continue to compete for user attention.

In September, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced on the Today Show that the site was getting a re-design that looked very much like Facebook, with the option to include a large header photo across the top of Twitter user profile pages. Starting on Wednesday, all Twitter users will be forced over to the previously-optional design — otherwise they’ll be looking at a large gray box on top of their page.

The header photos aren’t visible in the main Twitter feed, and might not seem like a consequential part of a user’s Twitter experience, except they turn a user’s profile page into more of a landing page for that person’s Twitter presence, and emphasize photos in the ongoing “photo war” between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all of whom are competing to keep users engaged and uploading images to the respective sites.

A Twitter blog post explains how to add header photos, and points out examples of media personalities and celebrities who’ve integrated the header photo into their profiles, greater evidence of Twitter’s play to become more of a media company.

Twitter The Today Show screenshot header profile picture

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  1. This morning I spent a whole three minutes adding the profile header photo like when Facebook did it last year. Nice trend. Thanks for sharing the news!

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    It’s nice to see this feature from Facebook starting to catch on elsewhere.

  3. Looks good. I like the new layout. Twitter is one of my favorite social networks. Really like the simplicity!

  4. looks good

  5. Your Expert Webman Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    You know, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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  7. i just want to know how to upload a profile photo to my twitter profile.

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  10. Gonna update my header right NOW!

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